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Zombie Virus

Though a virus is more susceptible to environmental conditions, they tend to evolve very quickly. This adaptability lends itself to evolve to strains with higher tolerances to outside variables and higher risk of infection, especially if the zombie virus has its origins as a form of bio-chemical terrorism.

The Zombie Virus, which we refer to as the MAD Flu (Motor Ascendency of Dependent), having reference to Mad Cow Disease and meaning a complete motor function authority shift, in which the virus is completely in control of, and dependent  on the human brain.

Infection would occur by direct fluidic contact. Being that zombies are driven by a primal need for the most basic of human instincts, it would be logical to assume that this fluidic contact would be the result of a bite, in most cases.

It is important to note that any open wounds or other means of transference be considered as well. When killing a zombie, be sure that all such areas are covered or closed; eyes, mouth, wounds.

Initial symptoms of a zombie virus are: Pain, discoloration of infected area (as this is the first location to effectively die), fever, chills, dementia. These symptoms are followed by a numbing of extremities, loss of muscular coordination and death is soon to follow.

Reanimation occurs anywhere from a few minutes to a matter of hours (depending on where the fluid transfer takes place; i.e. a bite closer to the heart will travel through the bloodstream at a faster rate and thus entering the brain sooner. A bite that is further from the heart creates a higher threat level, as the victim might mistake the bite for a scratch or other injury after escape from a heated situation. The victim, in this scenario, may also avoid admittance of injury, as in doing so would sooner end his or her life. This makes them even more dangerous than those bitten close to the heart, as false assumptions may be made that they are, in fact, not infected.

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Given that we are already experiencing forms of what we would expect to see in a zombie virus, it is entirely possible that the zombie virus will spawn from a military application.

Example: Viral Meningitis, an infection of the fluid in the spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain, crossed with the elements of Mad Cow Disease (a disease that attacks the cow’s spinal cord and brain, leaving the animal with a loss of mobility and normal brain function) would certainly result in a zombie-like virus.  When Mad Cow Disease actually enters the human body (then called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), the host is left with these symptoms; changes in gait, hallucinations, lack of coordination, muscle twitching/jerks, and dementia.

This is an article written by a scientist for Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • “As I have witnessed, there are several stages to reanimation. Immediately after reanimation occurs, the host is fully mobile. Though coordination is lacking, the host exhibits traits of any drunk you may find stumbling through the streets, with a similar speech impediment. As diagnosing the host at this early stage will be the most difficult, it is also at this time they should be considered the highest threat.
  • As Rigor Mortis sets in, the host loses that fluid, albeit uncoordinated, mobility. Rash, jerky movements are the result.
  • The first stage of decomposition begins in the stomach, as the host’s own digestive enzymes begin to eat away its tissues. This is important to note, because the more a zombie feeds in the first stage, the slower the rate of decomposition.
  • Rigor Mortis lasts for approximately 36 hours. It is then that the host begins losing speed. The rate of decomposition is always dependent on temperature and humidity, and the speed of the host is dependent on the stage of decomposition. It is predicted that within a year however, unless frozen, the body will be almost completely decomposed. I say almost, because all the tests we have performed do not indicate normal decomposition in the brain, especially the brain stem, where the virus is housed.

Similarities in MAD flu are found in the following; viral meningitis, rabies, and Mad Cow Disease. Though certain similarities are present, diagnosing how to best treat MAD flu has, so far, been a great challenge. It is unlike anything we have seen before.”

The Dead Rising in the Bible:

Zech. 14:12 And this shall be the plague
wherewith the LORD will smite all
the people that have fought against
Jerusalem; Their flesh shall con-
sume away while they stand upon

their feet, and their eyes shall con-
sume away in their holes, and their
tongue shall consume away in their

13 And it shall come to pass
in that day, that a great tumult from
the LORD shall be among them; and
they shall lay hold every one on the
hand of his neighbour.

14 And Judah also shall fight in
Jerusalem ; and the wealth of all the
heathen round about shall be gathered
together, gold, and silver, and
apparel, in great abundance.

15 And also shall be the plague of
the horse, of the mule, of the camel,
and of the ass, and all of the beasts
that shall be in these tents, as this

King James Version
Scofield Study Bible III
Oxford University Press
New York
2003 Edition

Caterpillar Zombie Virus

Imagine that there is a virus that could kill you, but before it does…controlling you to go out and infect those around you. This virus exists, at least in less caterpillars, and a team of researchers determined the virus genes responsible for this zombie-like behavior.

A gypsy moth leads a life of simplistic routine. Every night, it crawls into the trees to feed on its leaves…and every day it returns to the ground below to protect itself and avoid predators. This routine is altered, however, when the gypsy moth is infected with the baculovirus.

When the caterpillar is infected with the zombie-like baculovirus, it is being internally controlled and fed upon by it.

The zombie catepillar, with what little energy it has left, climbs the trees in the daytime instead of at night and infects the folliage in that area…and so infected the rest of the caterpillar population.

How does this happen? As the catepillar is in the treetops, it dies and then liquefies. In doing so, it spreads the baculovirus over the folliage, infecting any future catepillars that come in contact with it at night.

A research team led by Kelli Hoover, an entomologist, hypothesized that the behavior of the infected caterpillars might be traced to a gene in the virus called egt. Coded for the enzyme, EGT, this gene disables the hormone that triggers the caterpillar to molt. Being that they molt only on the ground (at night), the research team reasoned that they stayed in the trees because because the instinct to go to the ground to molt was not there.

Hoover and her team tested this hypothesis by extracted the egt gene from the virus and infected caterpillars with the modified and unmodified viruses.

Having observed the caterpillars until their liquidy death, they concluded that extraction of the egt gene was, in fact, the gene responsible for the zombie-like behavior in the infected caterpillars.

The researches say that their findings prove that there is a genetic basic for the modified caterpillar behavior.

“One of the best ways to control complex behavior is to manipulate hormones,” said Hoover. “In this case we’ve found that that the gene also somehow induces the caterpillars to go to just the right location to enhance transmission of the virus to new hosts.”

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5 Ways To Avoid Being Infected By The Zombie Virus


The more prepared you are now for the coming zombie apocalypse, the better your chances of not only surviving the harsh environment and becoming a self-sustained survivalist, but escaping becoming that which we fight. The more prepared you are now will determine how many risks you’ll need to take to obtain ideal shelter, food and weapons.

Preparing for the living dead is critical


Every decision you make in the zombie apocalypse is an important one. From where and when to stop when traveling, to rationing, to who you’ll trust in these times. Every step is crucial!

Important decision when killing zombies


Hand sanitation is extremely important. With water becoming more of a luxury and being sick is a risk to yourself and your team, Purell is a necessary addition to your survival inventory and day-to-day apocalypse habits.

Can’t risk getting sick during the zombie apocalypse


It will happen – a zombie will surprise you, catch you off guard. The roaming undead are everywhere and there’s only one of you. Protective clothing WILL save your life.

Protective clothing for your fight and survival against zombies


If a friend or loved one is showing signs of having been bitten / infected – take ’em out! Mourn later.

Friend or loved one infected with zombie virus