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Basic Survival Skills You Will Need To Know

Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

As Apocalypse Survivalist we are all about thriving after the apocalypse, but sometimes you need to step back and ask yourself would you survive the zombie apocalypse? This isn’t the TV show naked and afraid where you need to be able to stay alive until someone comes to save you. Surviving the zombie apocalypse is going to require sustained food, shelter, water, and a lot of weapons eventually.

Surviving in the wilderness for a few weeks with nothing modern is extremely tough. It can be hard on your body and even harder on your mind. The difference is that here you are just trying to stay alive, instead of having enough energy to defend yourself from the hungry zombies and eventually mount an attack.

We will need to find food and water resources that are sustainable for the long haul instead of crickets and water vines. After we have sustainable food and water, we will need a good shelter that is going to last us without needing daily repair. Once you get to a point where it doesn’t take all day to sustain these three important items, then you can work on weapons and zombie hunting.

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Basic Survival Skills You Will Need To Know

Finding Sustainable Food

Would you survive the zombie apocalypse if you ate nothing but crickets and mushrooms for two years? The answer to that question is no. Even if you stay alive this way, you will not be able to defend yourself from zombies and other survivors.

You need to find sustainable sources of protein that do not take up your entire day. There are many different ways to go about this depending you your environment. Here are a few suggestions on ways to find sustainable food:



Fishing is a great way to find sustainable highly nutritious foods for your diet. You can fish using traditional methods, using traps, using nets, or using a spear. Depending on what you are trying to fish, any of these methods could bring you plenty of food.

It is important to note that their won’t be any game wardens stopping your from using primitive fishing methods while surviving the zombie apocalypse. You can block off an entire river and trap fish in a pen for an easy food source. One large catch like this can give you enough food to sustain you for months if you preserve it correctly.


Hunting is only a viable option for sustainable food if you know how to preserve your food so that it lasts. If you take a quiz titled would you survive the zombie apocalypse, the first question they ask will be can you hunt. Hunting is a great way to get large amounts of food regularly. Keep in mind that less people will mean that the animal population will begin to explode and get more plentiful every year.

You can hunt for meat using weapons or by setting traps. Weapons are going to get you the larger kills that will hold you over while traps can be an easy way to bring in regular protein with a manageable amount of daily effort.

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Foraging and Gardening

We combined these two because one will likely lead to the other over time. Foraging for food can be a great way to find sustainable sources of food if you do it right. Keep track of where you find things so that you know directly where to go every day without wasting your time.

As you find plants that produce food, it could be a good idea to plant some close to your shelter. Gardening will take a lot of time and effort to get started but will be worth it when it starts producing.

A Good Source Of Water

Another question on the infamous "would you survive the zombie apocalypse" quiz will have to do with purifying water. We all know that we can purify water by boiling it in a pinch, but that takes a lot of time and maintenance on a regular basis. It would be extremely beneficial to have a naturally clean water source if you can find one.

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Sturdy Shelter

Coleman Sundome Tent

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Sticks and leaves might get you by the first month, but a year into the apocalypse you are going to want something better. Make a plan and work on the shelter a little bit at a time until it is complete. If you complete 1% a day, your new home could be done in a little over three months.

Weapon Making And Fighting Skills

Would You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Eventually, you will need to mount an attack on the zombies. In order to do that, you will need weapons and you will need to know how to use them. If you had a good weapon in your bug-out bag, you will have a good head start but eventually that weapon will get warn out.

You will need to create your own weapons along the way from things that you find. You would be surprised at how much damage a stick rapped in barbed wire or nails can do. Be creative and find the most destructive weapons you can come up with.

On top of creating weapons, you will need to know how to use them. Would you survive the zombie apocalypse if you didn’t know how to use any weapons? You can spend a year creating the best crossbow in the world but it won’t matter if you do not know how to use it. Spend time practicing with your weapons so that you know what you are doing when it comes time to use them.

You should also try to mix in long range and short range weapons to you arsenal. You can be the master of a sniper rifle but get killed if it jams allowing zombies to get close to you. Doing damage with both will significantly improve your chances of survival!

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Forgotten Skills That Will Matter Again

There are a lot skills that have long been forgotten in modern society that will be vital during the zombie apocalypse. This is just a sample of the skills that could mean the difference between life and death.

First Aid – You can’t call 911 if  you cut your finger with a knife! You are going to have to stop the bleeding and get it cleaned up on your own, in the woods. If you cannot conduct basic first aid, you will have no hope of surviving past the first month.

Land Navigation - Would you survive the zombie apocalypse if you didn’t have your GPS. Even if you have take a course on land navigation, how would you fair without a compass or map. You are going to be in deep trouble if you can’t find your way home after hunting every night.

Cooking – Modern cooking skill is measured by how well the cook can make something taste with all the ingredients they could want. During the zombie apocalypse, you will need to be able to make a good tasting meal out of what you have. You can’t cook a sautéed mushroom steak when you only have a rabbit, 3 snails, 2 apples, and some left over fish!

Food Preservation – Being able to preserve your food and eat it later is going to be huge. If you can spend 2 days fishing and preserve that food, it would last for a few weeks. Smoking and preserving food will be a major time saver.

Weaving – You won’t be able to run to Home Depot and pick up some rope, so making cordage will be an important skill. It will also be beneficial to weave your own baskets and fishing traps.

Weapon Making – When asked would you survive the zombie apocalypse, most people overlook the fact that you will need weapons. You will need to either bring them with you or make them yourself. Without them, you will get destroyed by zombies and other survivors.

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  1. I firmly believe that the zombies I would meet after an apocalypse would be ordinary people who are frightened and desperate.The scary conditions would be disease and starvation.Almost anywhere,the remnants of civilization would be findable and salvageable for a knowledgeable person.The wilderness untouched almost does not exist.Any beach will prove that.Lone people will have to team up to survive.

  2. Hi you forgot I really good thing if you can not access weapons you can make weapons out of house items

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