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What is the Best Bug Out Vehicle?

What is the Best Bug Out Vehicle?

When it comes to the issue of “bugging out,” most people quickly think of their bags and what they consider important enough to put inside them. There are even those who are adventurous enough to learn how to use everything inside them. Unfortunately when actually bugging out, most people don’t give a single thought to how they would accomplish getting out of the situation that would cause them to get out in the first place. And rest assured, although many vehicles might be “cool” or “hot,” many of them won’t stack up when it comes to getting out. What follows are a few suggestions for how to accomplish bugging out in terms of the vehicle that would help you do so.

Is it big enough? A vehicle that has room for two might seem sporty, but when it comes to enabling you to take everyone with you when it’s time to get out, they’re not very practical. The first consideration you should have is a vehicle’s size and how many people it can carry. If you have a family of four, a two-seater will not help much. Pick something that will fit everyone you intend to have with you.

Will it carry supplies? Your bug out vehicle must be large enough to carry all of the supplies and equipment that you need to take with you. Plainly stated, most cars today have a joke for cargo room. They would be lucky to hold your bug out bag, much less all of the provisions that you would need in a full scale bug out situation.

Will it negotiate the weather and terrain? In a bug out situation, you never know what you will encounter in terms of weather or the terrain you will need to get through. In most cases, this will mean the bigger the better. And don’t forget 4-wheel drive, since the ability to get through the worst obstacles will be needed. Many people will argue the disadvantages of a large gas guzzler, but when push comes to shove, if you need to go off road, your chances are better with a monster vehicle than a Prius or a Volt.

Is it nimble? In this department, most people vote for a motorcycle, but there are disadvantages to that. Others might also opt for a trailer, but did you ever try to back up with a trailer, and how do you think that will perform if you find yourself under fire? Many people panic when they have to back up with a trailer, much less when they’re not under such stress.

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What is the Best Bug Out Vehicle?


Taking all of these elements into consideration, what are the best vehicles that can be used for a bug out, but also consider the American market? Further, what could be most reasonable without breaking the bank? What follows are a few ideas:


Jeeps are one of the most obvious answers to a good bug out vehicle. Several models boast a 4-wheel drive as well as a decent amount of cargo space. Jeeps are also naturals when it comes to going off-road. It’s also a good thing that there are so many options when it comes to wanting to customize a Jeep to your liking.


Humvees are another natural when it comes to bug out vehicles. Those that are the latest models are out of the question for most of today’s buyers, but if you look carefully, there are some reasonable buys out there. Another option is the GOV Planet website, which has enough of these available to start your own country once the end of the world happens.

4-Wheel Drive with a Crew Cab. This is another natural fit when it comes to a bug out vehicle. And for variety, there are too many different models to list here. Suffice it to say that you can pretty much pick and choose what you like when it comes to buying something. Customizing is also easy with suspensions that you could improve, cargo tops that you could add, and numerous other options that you could go for to use it in everyday driving or when the sh*t hits the fan.

4-Wheel or All Wheel Drive SUVs. It seems like SUVs are everywhere, but when it comes to bug out vehicles, they are not created equal. Face it: when it comes to going off road, many of them might get you to a nice out of the way picnic spot, but not much farther. Ford Expeditions and Chevy Tahoes are good bets, and they’re easy to get parts for too.

Bug Out Upgrades

All of the vehicles listed above would be great, but one of the advantages to each one of them is that there are so many upgrades that will work on them to make them better. Below are a few aftermarket additions that will vastly improve your bug out vehicle as well as your prospects for bugging out.

Anything that can help you carry more of your provisions is a good thing. And when those provisions can be carried outside of the cab area or in addition to the cab area, so much the better. Rooftop cargo racks can increase your carrying capacity a great deal. They’re also pretty easy to install yourself.

Front and Rear Bumpers

This is an upgrade that many people often don’t consider, but when they do, it’s a good idea. There are several manufacturers that build excellent bumpers that provide good protection.

Winch Kits

In many situations, if your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, sand, or whatever else, you’re done for. A winch can remedy that situation quickly and easily.

Additional Lighting

Your headlights are intended to illuminate the road in front of you, nothing more. Unfortunately, in a bug out situation, you might need to be able to see much more than just what’s immediately in front of you. In fact, you might need to see all around you, a situation that would be easily remedied with the right type of lighting.

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What’s happening in the outside world? You will have limited knowledge of what is going on and how to deal with it if you can’t find out. With a CB radio and a Ham radio, you will be able to communicate with much more than just your immediate area.

Additional Fuel Tanks

Increasing the range of your bug out vehicle is a prime concern of anyone who wants to get away from problems. Purchasing a larger fuel tank or an additional tank will get you much closer to where you want to go.

Thanks to a rising awareness of potential crisis the options that are available have grown considerably. Fortunately, with a little awareness of what is available for a bug out vehicle, you will be much better prepared.


  1. a bicycle, loaded wit a minimal set up of course. the rider would ideally have more skills than crap!

  2. a tank is better it has 2 escapes a cannon a auto gun a radio so there and also a barrel to cut down zombies that get on top.

  3. You listed a few accessories, but it seems like you favor trucks with four wheel drive. That's common, but do you ever consider other vehicles such as cars, which more people own and drive? Seems to me this is a neglected area of prepping.

    I'd like to see people who are knowledgeable about cars create a bug out vehicles from something other than a truck. I figure if they race cars thru Baja, there must be parts and modifications car owners can use to make their daily rides into more doomsday compatible vehicles.

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