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What is a Prepper and How to Become One Yourself

What is a Prepper and How to Become One Yourself

A “prepper” is someone that wholeheartedly believes that a catastrophic disaster will occur in the future and they do their best to ensure that they are ready. This group of people are going to be ready for an apocalypse, natural disaster, or any other event that will limit our ability to access basic necessities. The short answer to your question (what is a prepper), is that a prepper is someone that is ready to start providing for themselves at any moment.

You may not believe that the world is headed for a zombie apocalypse, but it is hard to ignore that the chances of a catastrophe are at an all time high. Whether you are reading from the book of revelations, watching the walking dead, in a bunker ready to launch the nukes, or voting for Trump, you know it could happen at any time. It is only natural that a group of people would break off from the crowd and start preparing for that day. Their goal isn’t always to last forever, but only to outlast the unprepared population so that they can start fresh.

Preppers live all over the world, but they very commonly live in groups or on homesteads. Living in a community allows them to work on their skills together and gives them the advantage of being in a group already when a disaster occurs. They believe that it will be easier to survive if you are in a group full of other preppers that are also skilled in survival techniques.

On top of honing their prepping skills, a prepper community will work to set up caches of food and supplies to live off of when the time comes. It is a regular practice to spread these caches out widespread so that you aren’t in trouble if you need to leave your immediate area. It also gives you the freedom to move from one area to the next as you desire.

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How to Become A Prepper

If you are interested in becoming a prepper, there are no requirements that you need to fulfill. You can be a “hardcore prepper” and have 3 years worth of food stored away, or be a casual prepper that have a few cans of beans in a backpack ready to go when the time comes.

Knowledge is Power

The first step is to do some research on everything that you can learn to be prepared. The knowledge alone will increase your chance of survival, then any practice you do will help support that knowledge. Some people even pay to take classes from people that have experience in Prepping if you are serious about learning home to become a prepper.

You will want to learn as much as you can about providing yourself with the basics. Learn how to cook, purify water, and builder shelter all while off the grid. If you know how to do those three things, you will buy yourself time to figure out the rest.

After you learn about the basics, the next best thing to worry about is first aid. You will not be able to stop by the doctor or hospital if anything goes wrong, so a simple fever can be deadly after a catastrophe. Try to learn what natural remedies you can make in your area, and stock up on medical supplies that are readily available right now.

Pack Your Bags

Once you know as much as you can remember, you should get a “bug out bag” ready. This bag will be full of all the survival gear you will need to last the first 72 hours, plus anything that you think will be hard to get. Make sure that you do your best to pack things tightly, so that you can fit as much as possible. Here is a list of things that we suggest packing in your bug out bag:

  • 72 hours of food
  • A Hunting Weapon
  • Tools
  • Dry Clothes
  • Medical Supplies

Having a bug out bag will help get you through the first few days of a disaster, while you set up camp and prepare for the long haul. This can be the difference between making it and getting eaten by a zombie! Many will argue that a bug out bag is the most important step of how to become a prepper.

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If you came here asking what is a prepper, we hope that you learned everything that you wanted to know. It is important to note that prepper’s aren’t always preparing for something crazy, like a zombie apocalypse. Some are simply preparing for hurricanes or tornadoes, and will be prepared when that time comes.

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  1. To whom it may concern…
    Scary thought just thinking about it. You have an interesting “Bug-Out Bag” , i would definitely have those things included in my Bug-Out Bag as well , totally. The quiz had some interesting questions , i did good. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to fruition , absolute devastation , to say the least. I wonder if it would actually be like it is on the T.V. , lol’s. Well I’ve said what I wanted to say , cheer’s , have a good one. P.S. You are correct when you say “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. There were a lot of tips in this tutorial that were common sense , but at the same time it was a good read. I should imagine getting set up for when the SHTF would cost a hell of a lot of money too. This is definitely a very touchie & delicate subject for debate. I could type for ever on this subject , but i’ve got other things to do , i have a life. lol’s… 🙂

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