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What Zombie Survival Gear Should I Have?

If the Zombie apocalypse happened right now, would you have the zombie survival gear you would need? Keep in mind that you won’t be able to call “time out” and run to Walmart to stock up! Look over this list of necessities and think about what you may want to pick up.

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Survival Fire Starter

A fire starter is a piece of zombie survival gear that can start a fire for you while you are on the run. You won’t have your fancy stoves and grills to cook food on, and your lighter will run out of fuel quickly. You will need a fire starter to be able to make your own fire to cook and boil water to stay alive.

When selecting a fire starter, you want to make sure that it is durable and will work more than once. You need it to last as long as possible to give you the best chance for survival. You may also want to consider the size of fire starter because you will need to lug it around everywhere you go.

Gas Mask

Most apocalypse professionals agree that a gas mask will be a key piece of zombie survival gear during an apocalypse. There are two main reasons for that:

  • Tear gas
  • Disease

Many believe that the beginning of an apocalypse will be met with resistance from the government who will try to exterminate the infected.

It will also be essential that you avoid disease while you are surviving because you won’t be able to stop by the emergency room. Without this vital piece of zombie survival gear, you are significantly hurting your chances for survival.

MIRA Tactical Gas Mask CM-6M

Mira gas mask CM-6M


You will need to have all of your zombie survival gear packed up and ready to go when the time comes. The few hours it could take you to pack a bag and get out could be the difference between survival and becoming a Zombie. Buying a bag specifically for your zombie survival gear will also show you how much room you have for extra stuff after you pack the necessities.

Make sure that you pick a bag that has plenty of room and keeps the contents dry. As you would imagine, it is still going to rain and snow during the apocalypse, so you will need to account for that. If all the zombie survival gear you have gets ruined the first time it rains, you will be in trouble.

Zombie Killing Weapons

In order to survive, you will need to be able to protect yourself from the Zombie attacks. Many people believe that your first move should be to take out the Zombies, but many would rather set up camp first. Whether you are going to hunt the Zombies, or defend yourself from the Zombies, weapons will be a key part of your zombie survival gear.


Knives are one of the best weapons for killing zombies because they are quick. If you get in a jam, you can pull out a knife and have the upper hand on a Zombie immediately. When it comes to close hand single Zombie combat, most people are going to pick a good knife over anything else.

Ontario Knife OKC3S Marine Bayonet Knife, 13.25in. ON6504 – $152.49
Retail Price: $205.95
You Save: $53.46
from: OpticsPlanet, Inc

Ontario Knife M9


Axes are another great Zombie killing weapon. You can take out a Zombie with an Axe quickly and be ready for the next attacker. This makes an axe great for taking on small groups of zombies, but make sure you have something for the masses.

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools F01TN-CP Tactical Tomahawk Axe, Straight Edge, Nylon Sheath, Black Finish – $48.99
Retail Price: $59.95
You Save: $10.96
from: OpticsPlanet, Inc


A sword is another great close combat weapon if you know how to use one. I know if looks like they are just swinging a giant knife, but it’s not as easy as it looks. If you hit the Zombie in the wrong spot, the blade might just get stuck and leave you in a bad spot. Make sure that you know how to use the sword and that it is sharpened and ready to go.


Guns are a great Zombie killing weapon that can be used for close range and distant combat. They are one for the most powerful pieces zombie survival gear because they can be used to collect food and defend yourself. Just make sure that you pack a whole lot of bullets because once you run out of bullets, you are better off carrying around a sharpened stick.

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Compound Bow

A Recurve bow makes a great weapon because the ammunition can be reused and created easily. From a decent distance, the compound bow produces enough force to take down a Zombie without an issue. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to shoot it, I’m sure you will get plenty of practice when the time comes.


Crossbows are one of the best Zombie killing weapons out there. They are powered by mechanical force and the arrows can be collected and reused. Should you run low on arrows, you can always make more much easier than you could make a bullet. Crossbows are extremely powerful and easy to use, making them the ultimate zombie killing weapon.

Survival Canteen

Water is not going to be as easy to come by as it in right now. You probably won’t be able to just walk up to a sink and turn the water on, or go to the store and buy some. You will need to boil your own from collected water to ensure that it is safe. Unless you want to boil water 10 times a day, you will need something to store clean water in between boiling sessions.

For this reason alone, a canteen is an extremely important piece of zombie survival gear. Make sure you have one ready that will stay clean and sanitary while being easy to clean. Leave it open when in storage so that your don’t find mold or mildew waiting for you when you need it.

First Aid Kit

As mentioned before, you can’t hop in your BMW and rush to the emergency room if you cut your finger while cooking in an apocalypse. That means that you will need to have a first aid kit if you want any chance of survival. Many believe that first aid kits will be one of the hardest to obtain pieces of zombie survival gear during an apocalypse.

Make sure that your first aid kit is fully stocked and ready to go when the time comes. The bigger, the better, but keep in mind that it will take up space and be heavy. Stock up on bandages, antibiotics, pain medications, and anything else that you might need.

For this reason alone, a canteen is an extremely important piece of zombie survival gear. Make sure you have one ready that will stay clean and sanitary while being easy to clean. Leave it open when in storage so that your don’t find mold or mildew waiting for you when you need it.

Zombie Proof Survival Food

You will want to start out with a good stock of survival food for when the perishables run out after the first week. Make sure that you have enough to get you out of the infected area until you can spend time collecting food. You can’t be worried about getting yourself and your family somewhere safe if you need to be hunting for 6 hours a day.

When stocking up on this zombie survival gear, make sure that you find foods that are going to last a long time. Meals ready to eat (MRE’s) are perfect, but canned and dried goods will work as well. Have some in a bag ready to go if you need to get out quickly.

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A Zombie Survival Guide

This might be something that is overlooked by most people when purchasing zombie survival gear. You will need to know what to do when the time comes and you might forget some of the details down the road while you are waiting. You can just pop open your laptop and Google it like you can now, so you should be prepared

Find a good guide that highlights everything that you need to survive. They many even have some more suggestions for when zombie survival gear to have packed and ready to go. This guide will refresh your memory, not to mention that it will keep you occupied during your new abundance of alone time.


When the time comes, you will want to get out of dodge as quickly as you can without having to carry too much. When you think about what zombie survival gear you will need to get somewhere and set up quickly, a machete should come to mind.

They are great to cut your way through thick brush to get deep into the woods, and to set up when you get there. They are great for cutting down trees, cutting branches, and so much more all with the same tool. If you are worried about how much space you have and how much weight you are carrying, a machete will really help you out.

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Paracord is a term commonly used to describe military grade cordage. Extremely strong cord will be a hot piece zombie survival gear because of all of the things that you can do with it.

You will need paracord to make a shelter, make weapons, support splints, and so much more. As with any survival situation, there is a lot you can’t do if you don’t have any cordage. Not having this piece of zombie survival gear will put you at a great disadvantage.

Lock Picks

Lock picks aren’t an absolutely necessary piece of zombie survival gear, but it will help get things you could need. If you could unlock anything you come across and recover whatever supplies you could possibly want, you would be much better off than others. Considering how little space it would take up in your bag, we suggest that you go for it.


  1. Ok… I’ve got to know.
    What is all the hype about with this zombie apocalypse?

    There is no disease going on nor will there ever be which would cause mass destructon and hysteria. It’s just holywood nonsense.

    I seriously doubt God would allow anything of the sort to happen.

    So, please enlighten me.

      • If there were some sort of natural disaster/war all these “snowflakes” that currently live in mom’s basement and people of “diminished capacity” would be roaming the streets mouth agape wondering what to do next and trying to take from others (as they have no mores). Instant zombies.

      • Um….it’s Revelation. Singular; as in The Revelation to John. And it doesn’t speak of zombies; just a whole lot of other horrific stuff!

        • Yes it does. When the four seal is broken death comes, the dead will rise (zombies) and all of hell follows. Rev. 6:8

    • The theory is if you’re geared up and prepared for Z-Day then you are prepared for anything mother nature or human destruction can throw at you. Some do actually think the zombie thing could happen though. To me its fun time propaganda to get people thinking and acting like my grandparents and every other generation before them. My GP’s lived through the great depression and were raised to survive of their land if needs be. Today many people rely 100% on society for their daily wellbeing. Meaning they shop daily/weekly, fill up their gas weekly, buy only drinking water weekly, without the thought that something could easily disrupt the import of goods or clean water to their area. Most “preppers” I know start off stocking a 1-3 month food & water supply for emergencies. Then they get the fever and start learning useful off grid info and training tactically to defend their homes and families. for me its turned into a self knowledge hobby, im always looking for new projects and info to learn about off grid living.

      • well put teaching our children survival skills should be part of every generations upbringing its very important and very useful in many situations thank you

      • I agree with the above statement. When Katrina hit New Orleans many people were not prepared for it and when it hit many people were SOL. It took several days for some people to get assistance because they had relied on the government. I rather be ready to some point that my family will not be suffering during the any issue. You can never be prepared for everything but with some training and improvising you can adjust your gear for any situation may it flooding, fires or zombies, whatever. I was military and was sent to assist those folks and saw with my very eyes that American people that were suffering with out drinking water, food or even some type of shelter. It is very humbling experience and after that experience I became a aware that you need to be self reliant since we know the government will take some time to respond. Just ask yourself this: Can you afford to see your family suffering like that? I can not so I rather invest a little now so that I can have some peace of mind.

    • We already know of parasitic organisms that can take control of it’s hosts bodily functions. While whatever god you are talking about might never conceive of it, I am sure there is plenty of R&D going on in the M.I.C to harness this ability. You are now enlightened. Somewhat.

    • Dear Smitty, There are people that seriously believe a ”Hollywood” type zombie apocalypse could happen. Most of them are rather immature with overactive imaginations. There is a group of people who use this story line as a cover story or a code of sorts to discuss problems that would arise with a large scale social breakdown.

      • It is a fantasy world with zombies being the entertainment, but remove Hollywood’s version and replace the zombies with a realistic substitute that is either a politically or religiously viable threat to society as we know it. What may be currently, isolated incidents or locations so far removed from one’s comfort zone, being prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically would seem needless…until an uncontrollable force like Mother Nature changes the landscape and life drastically changes to a “survival of the fittest” mode. Man will turn on man when desperation sets in. Does one have the skills, equipment, and materials to survive? Look beyond what is normal in one’s everyday routine and see the potential for chaos. If you do see it, be prepared. If you do not see it, then your survival will be short-lived and you will not have to suffer through the recovery and restoration period.

      • Per quanto io non creda che possa mai succedere un apocalissi zombi…. Mi fa pensare e mi risulta strano CH alcuni paesi come Finlandia Norvegia Russia America hanno fatto dei cambiamenti interni nei loro protocolli di sicurezza dopo 11settembre includendo anche un ipotetico attacco zombi. Quindi se nazioni hanno incluso nei propri protocolli di sicurezza un eventualità cosi assurda forse alla base ci potrebbe essere un qualcosa che a noi comuni mortali non spetta di sapere.

    • There are many diseases around and killing people everyday. “Zombie” term for our family means anyone with a terminally ill disease. Knowing how to protect you and your family should be #1 priority in any case. Since I live in fl., disaster strike during hurricane season all the time and since prepped is not a word people like to hear, we are couponers. But survival is our #1 reason for everything we do. Water stock, wind turbines, solar panels, no parishable foods, and knowing how to can garden grown foods is also important. Get your info & get prepared, if we read the same bible God is the one who flooded the earth for 40 days/nights to rid evil from the land. So don’t be so sure about that ” God won’t let that happen statement!

    • There is a passage in the bible about the apocalypse. Not saying zombies, but eventually everything’s going to end. Hell might just be a nuclear winter, so not technically zombies but maybe some weird radioactive ass holes slushing around

    • God has allowed plagues, famines and wars. An uncertain outcome of his creation is his will. Don’t kid yourself into thinking because you’ve repented you’ll be free of suffering throughout your life. Lmfao, you are not just an incredibly naive person you are a confused Christian. Good luck coping with all the crap God allows to happen to you!

      • I don’t even trust fickle imaginary gods of abrahamic religionists for survival. But don’t fault religionists for wholesale adopting particular beliefs that were hammered into our rather blank slates. Good luck! Keep on trekking!

    • You said God would not all it , I take it you believe in God ? I do and if you do maybe you should read REVELATIONS.

      When. The people turn away from brother sleeps with brother the end days will come . Sounds familiar? Like happening now?

      With the influx of illegals and refugees we already have had diseases that can’t be treated with meds and some we haven’t seen here in the United States in a very long time.

      When God sends his horsemen to place judgement upon the world one is a plaque of diseases. So yes it will happen. Everything in REVELATIONS is coming to past . What you read in the Bible about the end of days is being for told at a record pace.

      I can only say we can’t escape Gods judgement except to live our lives for him and be good as Christians. But being prepared in the event of a attack or crisis never hurts.

      We will be destroyed and Russia will be pushed to attack us by a EMP bomb . You can google ww111 and see it happening now . Russia has warned obam to stop pushing him or he won’t have a choice.

    • Zombie apocalypse is not what Hollywood makes it seem. It is not the walking dead.When the shit hits the fan the “zombies” are the unprepared and they will try to take what belongs to you best be ready.

    • its a way of them getting you to prepare thats all, but then again its a double edge sword isnt it because if you do get prepared and stock up your concidered a terroist by the gov.

    • I thought the zombie apocalypse was all about the heroin addicts. Cuz the doctors give it out like its candy.
      Then they wont give it to the people and lookout they will come a running, just to get their fix.

    • You cannot say with conviction that there will not be a virus or disease that can do this. Rabies, as well as a few others are similar. So unless your a god sit down and keep quiet. These are what if scenarios, lighten up …

    • Kinda of naive to think in those terms. Plagues have wiped out large sections of population over the centuries. Modern medicine and antibiotics are helping to insure nature evolves and results into a super virus. When it does, SHTF and there will be wide spread chaos. It will be every man/women/child for themselves.

    • A man walked on water at a baptism in faith, the gov shot him twice. the man walked away without a Dr or stitch.
      Faith in God and believing Jesus Christ.
      I have first hand knolage of this and it’s truth.
      Hopen this helps .

    • You better look at what’s going on in the world, n I want to live to kill anyone who is going to kill People n I’m prepared, for the who,when, where,, if your not prepared,have a good night,warriors live to fight another day..

      • Sorry George..This is not aimed at you personally, but the first casualty in this type of discussion seems to be the ability to use spellcheck..!!
        The second casualty is the sense to realise that Amazon is trying to sell something…! lol
        Mind you, even Boy Scouts ‘Are prepared!’ lolol

    • Its not necessarily the fact that a “zombie apocalypse” is going to happen. I personally don’t really think it will (although thatd be cool) I think its just more the fact that when something happens, and believe me something will this world is slowing going to shit, I will be prepared.

    • There will be a zombie apocalypse but they won’t be the kind of zombies you see in the movies. It will be strangers, neighbors and even friends trying to break into your home to steal your food, water and supplies. Prepare yourself for when the SHTF because it is going to happen.

    • Hahaha. Well there’s no such thing as god. So you’re screwed there. Unless you can enlighten me and show me proof otherwise. No? That’s what I thought. So if you want to compare to many diseases over the years that cause irritability, psychosis, violent behaviour, and hysteria, which can all be proven compared to God’s protection which, well, can’t, then I think there’s a better chance of a “zombie apocolypse” than there is of ” God’s will”. The point is whether you’re prepared for zombies or crazies on bath salts or the fall of the government. It never hurts to be prepared.

    • I’d say that the 911 twin towers could happen and thing could happen!!!with the syber attacks eatery day and our government??

    • Well, if you believe in “God”, you probably believe in zombies as well so, yeah, you should armed youself to the teeth, like most of the people where you live (USA) I am assuming. But maybe I’m wrong.

    • The plague in Europe caused societal breakdown when times were simple. The same thing in modern times would cause interstate commerce to stop and people would resort to breaking and entering to get your food when the store shelves are empty. So…never say never.

    • Wow, you still believe in the imaginary old fellow sitting “up there” watching us?
      Religion mankinds worst enemy….

  2. The zombie phenomenon origin is believed to go back to old tribes who would eat the brains of their dead and some would develop symptoms of insanity. A lot of people just use it as a context to be prepared for various forms of disaster, which in this world we live in, is a great possibility and an intelligent thing to do because we all know that we are ultimately responsible for our own safety and survival. The thought of a disease existing with “zombie” like symptoms is not so far fetched as new diseases/viruses are discovered and created all the time. Just remember that truth is often stranger than fiction. Finally, your so called god doesn’t stop any number of horrific things that happen all over the world every day, so good luck with that. I’ll take the trusty ‘ol 12 gauge 0_o

  3. The Zombie Apocalypse is synonomous with the ender theroy. Everything has a beginning and an ending, so at some point you or I may be responsible to provide and protect ourselves and our families. Whats your end game?

  4. A lot of preppers refer to the guys trying to steal your stuff after some kind of disaster ,either man made or natural as zombies also.

  5. Did you know the militaries of this nation are having “zombie” training drills? Zombie apocalypse is just a term for the people unprepared when shtf. I’m 60 yrs old and was born in an era and location that I “played” in the woods. Those skills learned will undoubtably come in handy someday. I won’t live forever, but I won’t be a victim either.
    I never dreamed in my worst nightmare that my country would have become what it has. When the “free” shit stops and people are left to starvation, one will learn just what people will do to survive. They will eat one another as you well know.

    • a perfect example is the novel Dies the fire by S. M. stirling
      basically civilization as we know it ends one day in a mysterious event that disrupts electricity and all high technology leaving mankind at the level of the early iron age
      city dwellers quickly fall to food shortage induced starvation and only the most ruthless and the most prepared survive

      out of the ashes of civilization rises a brutal dictator (former professor of medieval history and society for creative anachronism member) who brings together an army of gang banger thugs to take what they want and kill anyone who gets in the way, against them stand a group of survivors (the bear killers) lead by a former marine and a second group (clan Mackenzie) lead by a wiccan folk singer. these two groups will form the foundation of a new post apocalyptic society

      • Are you describing Trump adminstration, fundagelical TP JBS Republican supporters. lol I am registered republican.

  6. Ok so this is my two cents on the matter. I think that it is great we can get this generation excited about getting outside and making traps learning to scout and track, in a time where the TV, iPad, iPhone, computer and whatever else they are into has a hold on the world I believe it’s just what some need.
    On the thoughts on “Zombies”, I served I the military and yeah I was in a special operations unit and I’m telling you we trained in some crazy scenarios, some you would never believe could actually happen, so if the U.S. Military has some type of strategic plans for the infinite ways we as humanity can be attacked then we should all have or own plans to keep our family safe and the people that want to scoff at us, that’s is their problem. I’m not saying I believe anything about the dead coming back to life but I could imagine the Rabies virus mutating into something that could put someone into a “zombie” like state and going cazy. Just a thought and that’s just one scenario. But who knows right

  7. This is insane you all are crazy. What makes you think that zombies will take over the world. You are all probably shut ins who live in your parents basement.

  8. put whatever name they want on it war, a natural disaster end of times as trinkets said gets ppl out the house teach/learn how to live with what was put on this earth I wish I could remember just half what my grandparents knew I am a Nam vet learned a lot there and then Hollyweird is making some big bucks off it and the ppl selling the stuff too I like to play paintball gets me out and brush up on my survival skills ” paper targets don’t shoot back ” anyway a lot is about $$$ but u might even learn something

  9. The concept behind the idea is that the “zombies” will be the multitude of people who are going crazy and looting and killing just to take what you have. Not necessarily flesh eating mindless reanimated corpses, but individuals and groups of people that don’t know how to survive like our grandparents learned to do. Those “zombies” will kill you to feed themselves or their children if SHTF. That is the whole concept.

  10. Instead of debating about what might happen, it may be better if each commentators has at least one helpful hint regarding being more self sufficient.For example how did previous generations do the daily stuff?, surely that is just plain good advice, albeit all safer ways we now know is just that little bit better, while still being pretty much self sufficient. Hope this helps.

  11. the military shovel u have on ur pintrest what company or brand is it or where can i buy it

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  13. The problem with preparing for the zombie uprising is that it NEVER HAPPENS. Look at the dates of these comments. Some people have been living in their underground shelters for years, sharpening their knives and mumbling to themselves, while the rest of us are still out in the sunshine chasing butterflies.

    Have a happy life, guys!

  14. The best example of ZOMBIES In the U.S. today Are the Qanon believers; Anti- Vaxxers, and people who voted TWICE for our last President.
    The odds of an EMP attack happening are about 1,000,000,000,000,000 – 1.
    Let’s say you want to capture a town or city. An EMP attack will destroy it’s power grid plus their computer networks. Wouldn’t it make more sense to capture it with those systems still working?

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