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Learn How to Survive a Zombie Attack from our Zombie apocalypse survival guide

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Learn How to Survive from our Zombie apocalypse survival guide

If we woke up tomorrow and it was the beginning of an apocalypse, would you know what to do? Would you know how to keep yourself and your family safe from a Zombie attack? This article will shed some light on how to survive a Zombie attack.

The biggest key to surviving a Zombie attack is being prepared at all times. During the apocalypse, you will never know when you may come under attack. Always be prepared for an attack so that you have a fighting chance when it comes. You are in a much better position walking through the woods with someone else and a crossbow then you are walking along with a walking stick.

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Be prepared For Anything

As with anything in life, you are much better off if you come into a situation prepared. While you may not be fully prepared when a Zombie attacks, everything you can do to prepare will help.

If you are setting up camp, you will need to start to consider how to survive a Zombie attack from all sides. If the Zombies follow you back to camp, you will need to be able to defend yourself and the rest of your party. Have weapons ready and start to build picket fences around the area if you can.

If you have teens and woman who cannot assist in Zombie attacks of hunting, have them cut timber and construct a fence around the camp. This will help keep the zombies out and give you an advantage when they attack. Put up a couple planks to walk across so that you can pick them off when they are trapped.

When thinking about how to survive a Zombie attack, always being armed is probably one of the biggest tips we can give you. Carry a weapon on your side wherever you go, and maybe have a knife as backup. You want to be able to access your weapon quickly when the time comes.

Have Some Weapons

Weapons are obviously a huge factor when thinking about how to survive a Zombie attack. Make sure that you have plenty of weapons for everyone in your party if you come upon a large scale attack.

When it comes to weapons, you will want to take advantage of the fact that Zombies are much slower than you are. Build some hatchets or knives that you can throw at the Zombies as they slowly move towards you. If you can do some damage before they get to you, then you will have an easier fight.

Guns and crossbows are also one of the keys to how to survive a Zombie attack. Use these to take them out before they even get close enough to hit you. This is especially important if you are being attacked by a large group of Zombies. Take as many down as possible before they are within melee combat range.

If the Zombies do get within melee range, then you will want some fast weapons that you can use to strike and keep moving. Knives, hatchets, swords, and maces are all great weapons to use for this type of combat. You want to strike them as many times as possible before they can get to you so that you have the upper hand.

If you can get your hands on some grenades of other explosives, they will obviously help you significantly in your attack. If you can funnel the Zombies into a small area where you can take out a bunch at once, this could mean the difference between survival and becoming a Zombie.

Know How to Fight a Zombie

Of course, there are no real HUMAN Zombies to use for an example, but we can compare the characteristics of real Zombies in nature. If you use the real life Zombie examples that occur every day and apply them to a human, you will be able to take a pretty good guest at what Zombies will and won’t be able to do. If you are concerned about how to survive a Zombie attack then use this list to understand what you are fighting:

  • Zombies cannot run. They are going to be slow and deliberate in their actions.
  • Zombies are still using the same vital organs of its host. Therefore, it can only do things that the human could do before it. You can probably rule out flying, telepathic control, and any other crazy theories.
  • Zombies are rumored to have impeccable hearing.
  • They are always hungry

Use these Zombie qualities to your advantage during the apocalypse. Speed is a great thing to use to your advantage, but keep in mind that they won’t run out of breath like you do. They don’t have a brain telling them to stop running or they are going to pass out or throw up.

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How to Survive a Zombie Attack - The Conclusion

Now that we discussed how to survive a Zombie attack, you should know what to do when that time comes. With great power comes great responsibility, and we expect to see you after the apocalypse so we can join forces and mount an attack. The world is going to rely on people like us to exterminate the Zombies and give us a chance at rebuilding.

Do you think that we missed anything in this article about how to survive a Zombie attack? Let us know in the comments below. We are always open for new ideas and learning, you can never be over prepared when the time comes….


  1. This is a great guide full of advice for those that are not prepared. I enjoy reading other people’s take on how to survive. When people ask me how to survive a zombie attack, I tell them to just run! You are much faster than the zombies, and especially early, you won’t want to attract attention to yourself. Great site!

  2. Weapons are the hard part. We can easily access bats and knives and sometimes guns but the hard ones are grenades and rockets that kill herds one time.
    I might survive but I can't be sure.

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