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How to Survive the Apocalypse When The Time Comes

If an apocalypse began right after you left your boring desk job today, would you be ready? Would you have the skills and knowledge that you need to survive? It could happen at any moment, so you should be prepared to go at all times.

Having a quick escape bag packed with everything you need could mean the difference between getting out in time or not. If you have to spend 2 hours packing up what you have, you may not get out quick enough to having a fighting chance. Not to mention, you might not have simple things that will be vital resources in how to survive the apocalypse.

Quick Escape Bag

Make sure that you have a good quality bag that is going to keep your supplies dry. One of the keys when considering how to survive the apocalypse is being able to keep you supplies in good shape. You won’t be able to run to the store and pick up a new fire starter because you left yours In the ran for a week and it rusted.

You also want to make sure that this bag is light and sturdy because you will likely be moving a lot in the next few weeks. Pick something that is comfortable to travel with so that you can travel as far as possible each time you are traveling.

Our Choice – AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rainfly


The supplies you pack now are what is going to keep you alive while the dust settles. Someone that takes up room in their bag for a cell phone does not know how to survive the apocalypse. Pack things that are going to keep you alive and keep in mind that you will likely loose electricity.

If you look for a list of supplies in any “how to survive the apocalypse” book, they are all going to have a few thing in common. You will want to pack a fire starter, first aid kit, and canteen. Non-perishable food is also a great thing to pack so that you don’t have to stop and forage or hunt the first few days.

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Protection Gear

Gas Mask

The gas mask should be an essential part of your emergency preparedness kit. People might be surprised when they learn just how many situations require a gas mask. Not only can it help you survive situations in nuclear power plant accidents, but also many other likely events that could occur when living in a populated area, such as tear gas during riots or biological attacks.

The MIRA Safety CM-6M is an excellent gas mask for its price. It has all the features you need to be protected against CBRN agents, including durable construction and reliable performance.

Mira safety gas mask

Mira gas mask CM-6M

Hazmat Suit

A Hazmat suit, also called a hazardous material protective garment or just hazmat for short, is an outfit you wear to protect yourself against potentially dangerous substances.
The MIRA Safety HAZ-SUIT, with its durable and strong fabric, is ideal for demanding hazardous applications. The suit can withstand even significant exposure to chemicals without fail. In addition, it has increased physical strength so that you will be safe from any splash or absorption of liquid coming into contact with your skin.

Mira hazmat suit and mask

Mira hazmat suit


Weapons are going to be the most important consideration when discovering how to survive the apocalypse. You will need to have the weapons to defend yourself from the start. Then eventually, you will need the right weapons to mount and attack on the Zombies that threaten the world.



These are great for close range combat with the much slower Zombies.  You will be able to get a couple shots in before the Zombie makes its first move on you.  If you keep moving while using a knife, then you will have a significant advantage in combat.

Survival knives are also great because they act as a great tool when you are not fighting.  They can be used to cut cordage, skin things, hunt, and all sorts of other vital activities.  In a world where you need to pack light, having thing that cover two needs are great resources.


Hatchets are great killing weapons because they are still quicker than a Zombie and deliver a significant blow. If you practice with your hatchet, you can also use them as a throwing weapon to increase your range and deal more damage if under attack.

Hatchets are great because they are not as heavy as full axes, but can still be used to chop down tress and split lumber.  Firewood will be a huge resource in a world without space heaters!


Swords are great if you know how to use them.  Make sure that you keep them sharp and protected and they will be great Zombie killing machines.  One of our “How to Survive the Apocalypse tips” is to stay away from a sword if you do not know how to use them.  If you attack a zombie and get your sword stuck, then you will be in deep trouble.

Our Choice – Twin Ninja Sword


They are always great long range weapons, but you will run out of bullets quick.  Pack as many bullet as you can and make sure you collect them if you come across any.  If you can keep a good stock of bullets, then you will have a significant advantage using guns.

Bows and crossbows

They are the preferred long distance weapon because the arrows can be reused and recreated easily. You will want a long range weapon for engagements with large groups of attackers.  Many believe that crossbows will be the weapon to have when the apocalypse hits.

Where To Go

The most important thing to know about how to survive the apocalypse is knowing where to go in the beginning. You want to remove yourself from civilization while the dust settles. The Zombies are going to take over the populated areas very quickly, so you will want to get out. When the time comes, grab your bag and start moving as far away from people as you can.

If you know of some deep and tick woods, this would be a great place to go. The harder it is for you to get there, the harder it will be for the much slower and less coordinated Zombies to get to you. Get as deep into the woods in the first few days as you can so that you can stash your belongings and set up a small camp.

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Then What?

Once the dust settles, you will need to go on the offensive. The last key process in knowing how to survive the apocalypse is to take the Zombies out as soon as possible. You want to take them out before they have the chance to spread and take over the world.

Mount an attack on the Zombie infected area and save whatever survivors you can in the process. You will need as many people to help fight as you can find, because there will be a lot of Zombies to fight.


Many believe that the apocalypse is coming, and that it is coming quickly. We gave you all the information that you could need. Now you know how to survive the apocalypse, so get out there and pack your bags!


  • Get away from civilization as quick as you can.
  • Get deep into the woods. The harder it was to get their, the better off you will be.
  • Pack light, and only bring the things you are going to need. (people who pack cell phones don’t know how to survive the apocalypse)
  • Make sure that you pick the right weapon. If you don’t know how to use a sword, then pick something else.
  • Wait for the dust to settle, then begin mounting your assault.

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