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Effectively Using a Slingshot Could Save Your Life

A slingshot is a primitive weapon that can be made on the fly if you are in a pinch. During a zombie apocalypse survival situation, a slingshot might just be the best weapon you can create.You can use it for hunting, offense, and defense all at the same time.

Guns are obviously one of the most effective weapons in this situation because they can do so much damage with so little effort. The problem is that you can’t run to Walmart when you run out of ammo and a gun is only as effective as the bullets you put in them.

The next logical ranged weapon is a bow or crossbow. These are great weapons that shoot arrows that can be collected after they are shot. You can even make your own arrows pretty easily if you run out. But if you don’t start your journey with a crossbow, it’s easier to make a slingshot to get by for now.

What is a slingshot?

A slingshot is a projectile weapon that is used to throw a blunt great distances. It can be used to throw anything with some weight to it, but mostly rocks. It is a great weapon for catching small animals if you are in a dire survival situation.

Slingshots are made from a small cradle or pouch in the middle of two lengths of stretchable cord. The ends of that cord are then tied onto a Y shaped frame that can be held.

Professional Arrow Slingshot


Hunting Stainless Steel Slingshot

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How to shoot a slingshot

Place a blunt object in the cradle in preparation to fire.

Pull the cradle back with you dominant hand, holding the base steady.

Aim the base and release the cradle at the desired location.

Professional Design Slingshot


Steel Balls Slingshot Ammo

Slinshot ammo


A slingshot may not be the most glamourous or popular weapon at the moment, but it will get its time during the apocalypse. The fast you can get weapons together and be prepared, the better off you will be. Thanks for stopping by!


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