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Books could be your advantage on the Zombies in an apocalypse

What to do for Fun during a Zombie Apocalypse

When the Zombie apocalypse comes, we are going to have plenty of free time. While we are waiting for the dust to settle and we are set up, there will be plenty of free time. With no electricity and without anyone to talk to, what are you going to do?

You can’t really consider packing anything for entertainment, because you will need all the room in your bag for survival tools. When you get somewhere and are all set up, you will have to find something to do to stay occupied. Here are a few things you can do to stay occupied during a Zombie apocalypse.

Learn How to Throw Knives

If you could throw knives at attacking Zombies, you will have a great advantage during a Zombie apocalypse. This is a great skill for killing because it is deadly and the knives can be collected and reused. Scavange for some kitchen knifes or other knives that can be used for practice that you can afford to dull.

Pick a tree and carve a target at about Zombie chest high. Start by practicing at short distances and slowly work your way back. Your accuracy will get better over time until you are able to take out Zombies from 50 yards away.

Go Hunting

Hunting will be a fun activity during a Zombie apocalypse that also serves the purpose of providing food at the same time. Set some snares and traps and then go track something down. This is a great way to improve you hunting skills while having some fun.

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Practice Picking Locks

All of the survivors are rummaging through anything left behind in a Zombie apocalypse, leaving slim pickings by the time you get their. If you could pick locks and get into areas that no one has accessed, you would have first pick. This could be a great advantage to you and your party if you can figure it out.

With all the time in the world, why don’t you see what you can do? Pack a lock picking set in your bag just encase since it takes up such little space. Find a few locks to take back to camp and practice on. You should be an expert after a few days of practice.

Spy in the Zombies

Spying on the Zombies during the apocalypse

Hide in the woods at the top on highly populated areas and see what they are doing. See how they interact, if they have a schedule, where they congregate, etc. This will be extremely helpful information when it comes time to mount an attack on them.

Make sure that you stay far enough away that they can’t see if spying on them. Hide behind some brush or in a tree so that you are not out in the open. If they spot you, make sure that you run in a different direction then camp. You don’t want to give away your position that easily in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse.

Go Exploring

See what you can find away from the Zombies. There might be other people out there trying to survive the Zombie apocalypse just like you. See if you can team up with them or trade at the very least. Don’t trust anyone completely from the start because people do stupid things when they are doing whatever they can just to survive.

You may also want to take note of the terrain so that you know where to find good hiding spots or a new place to break camp if you need to. You can also remember where you find certain animals or foods for when you need them later.

Cut Some Wood

Wood is going to be essential for survival during a Zombie apocalypse. You will need some cut out so that you can burn it, and some to use for building shelter. It will be extremely hard for you to have too much wood at any time, so cutting wood will never be a waste of your time.

You will also need wood to make tools and weapons that you did not bring. If you don’t have a bow or crossbow, then build one! Its not going to hurt you to have more weapons to defend yourself with.

Practice Archery


If you have a bow or crossbow, then you can spend some time mastering your craft. Set up a target and practice shooting from different distances and angles. This is a great way to work on one of the most important skills you could have.

The better you are with your bow, the more Zombies you will be able to take out at the same time. This can be great for defending yourself from attacks, but even better for when you start to go out on the attack yourself.

Read Some Books

Books could be your advantage on the Zombies in an apocalypse

If you go back into town, I’m sure you will find books that were left behind when everyone left in a scramble. Grab a couple and bring them back to your camp so that you can read them while you are bored. Books are a great way to keep yourself occupied and they will keep your brain sharp during the Zombie apocalypse.

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Reinforce Your Camp

Set some Zombie traps in the woods around you so that you can trap them before they get to you. This is also a great way to know they are coming because they will be loud when they get caught.

You could also start to build walls around your camp to fend off a large scale attack in the future. A simple picket fence will work wonder to help keep Zombies out and keep you safe. You can also add a walkway along the inside in the future so that you can use them to walk up and down with your crossbow as you pick them off one at a time.


  1. Well, for fun, Since I do enjoy legos, I would work on building tools and better protecting my area. Other than that, swimming is great, foraging, playing with animals, ect. ect.

    Better yet, find a toys r us and just get myself some board games, legos, and other puzzle games! I would imagine food and supplies are what people will be looking for the most, not toys! lol

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