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How to Build an Ojibwa Bird Pole

This primitive trap is great for catching birds if you are in a survival situation. A small bird may be the difference between surviving and dying if you aren’t prepared. This trap is extremely easy to set up and the Ojibwa Bird Pole is extremely effective if placed properly.

Once you know how to make these, you should be able to set them out quickly. The more traps you have, the better your chances are to catch some food. Here is a step by step instructional on how to build an Ojibwa Bird Pole.

What you will need:

  • 1 large stick
  • 1 small stick that will be able to fit through a hole in the big stick
  • Cordage
  • Bait (optional)
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The steps:

  1. Sharpen both ends of a branch with a sharp survival knife.
  2. Cut a hole the size of a pencil about 2 inches below one of the ends of that stick. The hole should be big enough so that the smaller stick can fit into it loosely.
  3. Tie a knot if your string about two-thirds of the way down the string.
  4. Make a small loop on the longer of the two ends and thread the shorter end through the small loop, creating a snare.
  5. Pass the string though the hole in the branch.
  6. Tie a rock on the short end of the stick. The rock should be about equivalent to the weight of the bird you are trying to catch. If it is too heavy, it may slide off of the bird’s feet.
  7. Spread some bait onto the smaller stick to attract the birds.
  8. Pulls the small stick through the whole, tight enough that it holds the knot in place. This will hold the rock off the ground and suspend the weight. Loop the snare end over the small branch, covering as much of it as possible.
  9. Place the trap in an open area where birds might see it and perch on it. The location is the key to the entire process.

The concept is that the bird will come for the bait and perch on the stick. When the weight is placed on the stick, the rock will drop and the snare will close around the birds’ feet. With the rock attached to its feet, the bird will not be able to fly.

It will take some practice and patience, but this survival trap words great for something that is so easy to set up. Let us know in the comments if you know of any other bird traps that can be easily made and placed in a survival situation!

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