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Prepper Gear

Best Prepper Gear for SHTF & Buyers Guide

Industrialized civilization and its downfall are not that impossible to happen like other individuals deem it to be. With the advent of corruption, worldwide chaos, natural catastrophes, and havoc among leaders of different countries, only someone who manages to keep his head and sight straight is a fool.

With the world becoming a dangerous place to be every passing minute, it would seem that a regular citizen is transforming into a more dependent individual relying on the government and other channels of mass disruption.

It would be added as a factor in producing disastrous happenings.


Just think everything through on the potential chaos that may ensue if our usual Amazon Prime items running for two days were not delivered. Imagine if Walmart shelves also happen to be restocking no more. Honestly, there are only a few people who are prepared in a proper way to deal with minor situations. But in the case where most terrible events happen would be the day many people are not ready.

With that, it pushes the need to get the appropriate gear in SHTF, detailed plan, and essential items to become one among the many solutions. Swaying towards a problematic route will be far off from the choices once you make the switch.

With all of the critical items that supplement our hunger and thirst, it is also considered essential to gain knowledge about the different methods of defending yourself.

Coining a quote from the most sought comedian Bill Bur;

“If you don’t have a way to protect yourself, you’re just gathering supplies for the toughest guy on the block!”

Too many people link SHTF gear with such preparations ensuing on doomsday. Other essential things include underground bunkers and the right amount of ammo to handle a small army and carry them to safety.

If we are going to talk only about the truth, it’s that emergency supply should be made readily available for everyone once shit crawls from down under and eats us all away into death. It’s not just for people who like making up scenes on their head, planning hypothetical situations that incorporate zombie apocalypse meets nuclear winter scenarios.

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How To Choose A Good Hand Gun and Gun Accessories For Yourself


Glock Model 19

Glock 19 With ExMag

Many believe that Glocks are arguably one of the most prominent pistols in the market up until today. Its popularity is primarily owed due to its ease in any desired customizations. If all Glocks are going to be compared side by side, they look similar to one another even though the caliber differs in terms of frame sizes. With that, it makes it super easy for aftermarket parts companies to make parts solely for them. Knowing their extensive usage in the law-enforcement community bestows them enough of market demand to make sellers profit on these weapons.

Since the Model 19 is deemed as the more compact 9mm variant, it is considered the smaller version of the model 17 option. Along with carrying two rounds less contained in the magazine, its polished double-stack exterior still makes room for additional 15 shots, making it a very respectable load. But, at the same time, the model 19 is superior in terms of being smaller, lighter, and easier to conceal when being compared to the model 17 variant.


Glock 19 Olight Flashlight

TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium Sights

glock 19 sights

9mm AMMO


With the 9mm round, it’s known as best pistol round due to it being commonly seen in the market. Not to mention, it’s affordable in terms of its price too. Its price range is its strong point, sporting the cheapest price tag among self-defense pistol caliber. Plus, it is also abundant when supplied. 9mm is also the round best chosen by the United States military. On top of that, the firm and proper law enforcement quickly consider it as the new standard. Hence, all major handgun manufacturers create a model of their handgun in 9mm, while some companies only thrive in producing 9mm pistols.

On the other hand, when a topic about pistol caliber carbines comes up, the 9mm is the most supplied caliber carbine. As a matter of fact, in many events, it’s the usual choice When opting for a pistol caliber rifle. Additionally, the 9mm ammunition also permits for huge capacities with weapons such as the CZ P09. The CZ P09 can load 19 rounds in a flush fit magazine. Meanwhile, the modern 9mm ammunition is deemed capable of stopping an attacker like the 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

With the abundant supply of 9mm ammo and its massive usage by military and police forces makes it possible to collect ammunition easier compared to a majority of other calibers. On another note, the 9mm ammunition also boasts light recoiling and comfortable shooting, making it a remarkable pick for anyone of various sizes.

Good Gun Holster

When residing in a world riddled with firearms, owning a holster holds importance. The gun holster presents itself as an essential piece of equipment. It guarantees that you can stay with your gun nearby, readily access it once needed and defend yourself and those people that surround you at the moment.

There are times when such people, especially uniformed police officers or other law enforcement officials, bring their guns in visible holsters. But some people who do not have that privilege to carry it in public — undercover cops and agents, plainclothes detectives and civilians — still need a license to carry.

Alien Gear Holster

Alien Gear Holster

Blackhawk Serpa Level 3

These people come together and constitute what is generally known as the concealed carry community; they bring their weapon in a style that it is hidden from public view. With that, it brings concealed carry holsters into the picture.

Generally, a concealed carry holster is a type of gun holster. It is specially made to give fixed storage for your handgun successfully. On top of that, it guarantees that aside from you, there is absolutely nobody else who is aware of you carrying a gun in public.

Body Armor

When disastrous events strike, the most leading method that you should treat with utmost importance is maintaining your bodily protection. Living in the modern world where almost everyone today can access different firearms, body armor is crucial to remaining alive in times of distress.

Whatever’s the case, you still can obtain the most leading level of benefit from donning a bulletproof vest. Why? It’s because gun threats can happen from any place at any given time.

It’s usually known that bulletproof vests can be beneficial as a gear piece to keep in your arsenal. It functions as an aid to pull you through the vilest conditions. Additionally, it’s an incredibly useful piece of gear to have in your arsenal, which can help you make it through the harshest conditions.

UTG 547 Tactical Vest

UTG 547 Tactical Vest

School & Travel Backpack Shield

School & Travel Backpack Shield

Given that it would depend on your build, these vests have the potential to give protection around 15 to 19 inches of the front and back torso part. Plus, it can also serve as you and can be your best lifesaving tool on many occasions.

Take note, even when wearing your bulletproof vest on, remember to be mindful of the exposed parts of your body.

If the environmental conditions demand people to be on the move always, tactical body armor such as plate carriers may incur extreme disadvantage. Why? It can affect your speed and slow you down along the way.

In terms of showing effectiveness, lightweight bulletproof vests and soft body armor display promise in many given cases.

As events that require survival happen, using your remaining time to spend in finding resources and materials that should have been prepared in the first place is terrible.

If a situation demands you to wear your bulletproof vest, it would be better since you’ll never regret not doing preparations as events grow worse.Take note; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Air rifles for SHTF food procurement

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle

Magnum,Multi-Shot Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Magnum Multi-Shot

Tactical LED Flashlight

People usually demand a tactical flashlight to be built after durable materials since it is a tool carried everywhere. Also, it’s inevitable for it to receive random bumps and scratches when being used. The covering of the Fenix PD-35 flashlight is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum. It also has a high-grade anodized coating which takes extreme flaking to remove, even after a fall. It is styled in a way to tolerate a three-foot drop on hard concrete without suffering from any damage.

Fenix PD35

The flashlight is divided into three portions and contains the bulb housing, battery compartment, and the rear switch. At the center of each section lies an o-ring which keeps water away. It follows the IPX-8 standard in terms of being water-resistant. On top of that, it functions even in levels that go up to six feet of water. If the moment comes when it falls into a puddle or shallow river, the chance of it surviving is indefinite even when powered.

The flashlight’s exterior boasts a hard-toothed bezel which helps in breaking a car window in times of emergencies. When the worst-case scenario comes, the flashlight’s bezel can operate as a tool that can hit and stop an attacker.

There are no indicators above that tell that the Fenix PD-35 is heavy when weighed. The scales yield an estimated four ounces with batteries on and three ounces without. Given the values, it’s considered lightweight as opposed to the classic tactical flashlight, the Maglite. This particular tactical flashlight uses D-cell batteries and is measured almost a full pound when weighed.

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Well-built Survival Knife

#The Leading KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

This weapon was conceived by an innovative outdoorsman named Ethan Becker. It is sold as a prominent bushcraft knife meant for survival thanks to its vast, thick blade design. (On another note, he’s the other half of the book called “Joy of Cooking.”)

Flaunting a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars makes it’s difficult to refute the fact that it’s still unrivaled among the different leading survival knives in the market.

KA-BAR Becker BK2

When one owns a full-on tang, it equates to a knife containing one rigid piece. Aside from this, the handle pieces which comes in two are fixed. It’s known as the most coveted prepper bushcraft for many good reasons. The video shown by the most excellent survival tips exhibits a superb display in describing the distinctive characteristics of this magnificent survival knife.

The most remarkable survival knife can guide you in different tasks. Look no more; this knife already does the job. It splits wood in the most beautiful way. The KA-BAR Becker BK2’s sturdy blade fits tasks that require skinning game, splitting, delve into joints or chopping onions.

One must note that this knife sports a durable drop point. Its sturdy tip perfectly matches pushing, drilling, and piercing.

For people who love camping, hunting, or spending time on a field, getting a fixed blade knife for themselves is suggested. Even though there’s no perfect survival knife, this one can qualify.

Carry along the KA-BAR Becker Companion Knife with you on your next camping or hunting escapade. Sooner or later, you’ll unravel the reasons why this weapon is one of the best knives for survival in the market.


Orca Tactical SALISH 40L MOLLE

This backpack is designed with military print in mind. It’s the most affordable tactical backpack sold in stores today. Its interior foundation stems with durability plus 600D polyester. The bag boasts specialized water-proof and scrape-proof coatings which enables it to provide extra strength in withstanding harsh conditions or emergencies.

Orca Tactical Backpack 40 L

Being a tactical backpack, it features two large padded compartments and two smaller compartments fixed on the front side. The two front pouches can accommodate internal pockets which are fitted for carrying mini accessories, strategic gear, or intimate items.

This backpack is structured in a way that’s compatible with MOLLE, with webbing placed 1″ inch away on the front and side exteriors. It carried the best-fitted point of attachments that caters to different tactical gears fit for MOLLE that you’d like to enlist. Lastly, the backpack comes along with a pocket for keeping a water bladder with 2.5L capacity (bought separately) or laptop in 17″ size.

Field Medic Kit

Complete Tactical Gunshot & Trauma IFAK Kit w/Laser Cut MOLLE

The military-style IFAK pouch always comes along fully loaded with all the supplies needed in bleeding injury treatments. Plus, it has also incorporated a splint which aids in mobilizing injuries that fall under this category. Since a splint isn’t always vital if you know how the methods in using items on the field to splint injuries, having it on hand are still great to have.

The most remarkable thing that can be derived from this kid is the fact that it only includes items that most people with baseline medical knowledge would need.

Tactical Gunshot & Trauma IFAK Kit

Remember, it doesn’t include oral airways and other items utilized for procedures that are considered intrusive. This IFAK pouch is compatible with MOLLE/PALS, allowing attachment to various tactical type backpacks in the market.

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The Delta Provision IFAK

Delta Provision is best known for its well-organized aesthetic, which is the most crucial feature to have, especially in the event of an emergency. It’s common for people to inquire about the origins of each piece of equipment, its storage, and the best way to access it in a short period. Nonetheless, this kit is both easily accessible and made with comfortability and ease in mind.

This kit is sold together with a package of 35 essential items that are important in saving lives once a major or minor injury happens. Aside from these, it also contains a tourniquet, gauze pads, and even an emergency blanket.

With the inclusion of the Israeli compression bandage, it is picked as the most significant feature to come along with the kit. These bandages are entirely versatile. Many opt for these bandages since it’s the best way to put bleeding to a stop by putting a significant amount of pressure on the wound. To learn more, check the video below and see a quick demonstration of using an Israeli bandage.

Final Thoughts

Face it; you don’t hold a considerable amount of power over controlling when and if a situation that marks the happening of an event that sports an SHTF theme. However, you do have control over your desired preparations and your reactions once situations like these happen. Remember, always strive to get the best possible SHTF plan and invest in emergency essentials that can save you time along the way. Most importantly, it can also save your life.

Picking a survival gear that withstands the test of time doesn’t always require maximizing firepower. For many, it’s also ensuring that you have clean water, shelter, and enough supplies once horrible events ensue. Make sure to put your things together in one place and walk away at a moment’s notice.

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