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Best EDC Gear – Top 5 Must Have Items

Hopefully, you have already made a plan for your bug out and have your bug out bag packed with the recommendations in our bug out bag list.

Very well, compared to the majority of other people, you are now much better prepared. What are the essential items contained in an EDC kit?

In case you were wondering what, an everyday carry gear is, it’s basically the few vital appliances that you almost always carry when leaving home. Think of the moment you walk out of your door, what are the items you put often inside your pockets? For the majority of us, it’s our keys, watch, phone, and wallet. There are a few items that will hold in when you ask yourself whether you will use them, need them, and if they are practical to carry.

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For EDC users, we are only getting started as these four are a few of the everyday carry items. Hopefully, this post will provide you with some great ideas about new things that you haven’t still considered carrying as we will be going through the best EDC gear that I am using, and the items I usually carry in my EDC backpack.

EDC Tactical Backpack


This is not for fan casual carry, plus it certainly isn’t a spare bag for instances when things go wrong. These items are practical, real, durable, and you must add them on your everyday carry gear.


About the best EDC gear

A day to day carry-list are items that are on you on most occasions or even possible all the time. These items are of great assistance in getting you ready to deal with daily situations and prepare you to survive during emergencies. It should tailor-made to suit your locality, lifestyle, and probable threats hence the need for it having different variety of items that will aid your survival or will be of assistance in getting you to a safe location or back to your place.

Two essential things of which you should be aware.

Rookie EDC fans often misunderstand these two essential things. One is the EDC gear that you’d normally carry daily in life. While the other is about making sure you actually take the step; otherwise, there is no need in getting it.

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Only take what is needed with you

Everyday carry items are not about the survival gear or EDC gadgets we all adore, and it’s quite simple to venture out and shop for any modern innovative devices. Therefore, it is imperative you be able to tell the difference between these two and don’t worry too much about what you require. Otherwise, you’ll will find yourself carrying around additional supplies of food, drinks, firearms and enough ammunition to raid a tiny country.

The EDC gear you carry is mostly dictated by what you get up to in day to day life, and it should only include what you need and easy to carry.

The EDC gear should be carried

You don’t buy gear to keep it as a mantelpiece. When you find yourself in a circumstance that requires a multi-tool or flashlight, I will presume that you would not leave it on your bedside or your kitchen drawer; instead, you carry it. To know whether an item qualifies as a practical EDC tool depends on whether you find it is necessary to take or not; if so, it most probably is, if not, then it wouldn’t be necessary to your life plus it wouldn’t pass as a feasible EDC item.

What to have on an EDC gear

1. Things you usually take with you.

Noteworthy, we review this for several reasons. The first being that it would most likely reveal most of the primary day to day needs, and with that, we get meaningful insight into your most likely more significant everyday needs.

The second being whether the item you are already carrying can have its uses and functions replicated elsewhere. You can also modify one of the things to serve multiple purposes and in doing so, turning it into a better EDC tool with the benefit of having not to add an extra item into your EDC kit.


My ID and cash are a must-have every day. Won’t be leaving home without it.

Tactical Card Wallet


Tactical Metal Wallet



These are a must-have when leaving home if my plan doesn’t involve getting back in through the window. I will be adding to my crucial ring a “Grenade” Survival Kit Key Fob that includes a fire-starting kit and more paracord.

Keychain Survival Kit

Keychain Survival Tool

Keychain Paracord Carabiner

EDC Keychain Paracord


I am always in possession of my phone in case I need to contact my friends and family or even the authorities in an emergency. To better it, I will have critical documents and my local area map PDFs loaded onto it in case I find myself in a situation where the phone network isn’t available and in need of the above information.

I will also have backups in the form of a laminated hard copy of that map and a razor blade, which I will slip between the back of the phone and the case. If you find yourself at an airport and you have to go through a security point, remember to remove the razor blade.



There is a saying that goes, “Never trust someone who doesn’t have a watch.” Most of us carry this item every day. By adding a compass or having your watch band be paracord woven, the watch is supercharged into an EDC survival kit. The clock by itself can be a navigating tool; you can learn how to use it for that purpose, making the compass unnecessary.

Waterproof Watch

EDC Waterproof Watch

EDC Mechanical Watch

automatic watch

2. Items that you will find helpful in frequently encountered problems.

Are the problems you repeatedly face? During your typical day to day activities, what are the most probable issues likely to occur? What item do you frequently use with a high potential to break? When you find yourself in such situations or in case high potential risk comes to reality, your life is generally made more comfortable if you have an best EDC gear that can be of help in such occasions.

Folding knife

When working, I am frequently required to do cuttings on cardboards or in other cases, plastics. This comes in handy if you need to open letters or deal with stales; therefore, you might find it to be a useful tool if your work is office-based.

The tactical folding pocket knife with a pocket clip that has its blade partially serrated will never let you down; with only one hand, you can easily open it, and it has been in my EDC for years it still retains its razor sharpness. This is an everyday carry addition that is both small and powerful.

Tactical Folding Knife


Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

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Tactical flashlight with a pocket clip, as it’s referred to by some, is on the top list of needed EDC items. The flashlight was once a bulgy item, and it’s now refined enough to be included as one of the small-sized gadgets, and it still retains its powerful light beam.

You will find this item useful in all kinds of situations, including self-defense, when working home, in a blackout, or even or when working on small dark places in confined items such as cars and engines which need to be illuminated.

EDC Flashlight Streamlight


EDC Pocket Flashlight 4 Mode

NItecore EDC Flashlight


This is an item that has a wide range of uses that you can include in your EDC. You are spoiled for choices on this item as there are dozens of them, and you will find them to be an essential part of your ED.

I would always carry with me both a small hatchet and bush craft knife when going to a survival type scenario or just outdoors. A hatchet or large knife will not be included as part of my urban EDC items as my Leatherman multitool stainless steel can easily handle most of the cutting I would be required to do.

Foldable Multitool With Pliers

leatherman surge

Foldable Tool With Scissors


3. Helpful things to have during problems that are rare and of high consequence.

These items are in a category that requires risk assessment in your domain as they deal with issues that have a low probability of occurring, which would have severe consequences in case they happened to occur. Riding a vehicle to work daily will be the activity that we will be looking at and assess the risks that are in this category.

In such an event, you will find that you probably will not need to escape a bus, car, or even the train, but there would be grave consequences if a crash occurred and you were unable to exit the vehicle when needed to quickly. Having both a tactical pen for glass breaking and a cutter for escaping your seatbelt in such a scenario would significantly boost your odds of survival. This category of tools is made up of items of such a nature.

Tactical pen

This tool comes a metal of high-grade quality that can serve both as an aid when breaking a glass and a useful tool for self-defense. During my day to day activities, especially at work, I am frequently in need of my pen. Therefore, this will not be an unnecessary addition to my EDC item bag as it isn’t included in my rarely used tools list. We can refer the tactical pen as an upgrade in your EDC as it is of great help in dealing with the low probability but highly consequential situations that require you to defend yourself in case you are personally attacked.

Bolt Action Pen

EDC Bolt Pen

Tactical EDC Pocket Pen


Pry tool

If I, unfortunately, find myself in a vehicle accident or when facing home and workplace problems, this tool will be useful in containers and opening doors. In this case, there is a wide range of options to choose from; for myself, I found the Twosun, which has a lever tool and a pry tip to be the best one out there.

EDC Pocket Titanium Prybar

EDC Pocket PryBar


To get the maximum efficiency, keep items that are small and that serve multiple purposes, and make sure they address the probable, realistic threats.

I don’t know whether this list is exhaustive enough to see you through war or an attack. I have found this to be the best EDC tools through practically using them. Whatever problems you will most probably encounter, these items can be useful in such circumstances. 

You are better prepared if these simple items are part of your EDC item even when carrying the essential five EDC’s the multitool, flashlight, wallet, watch, and phone than those that are not taking anything.

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